The Centennial Pipe Organ is located at the Harlen Adams Theater in the Performing Arts Center at CSU Chico. It was built on-site by Munetaka Yokota with assistance from faculty, student and community volunteers during the University Centennial Celebration, 1984-90.

The bench and pedal board are fashioned out of wood from the Hooker Oak. The University Farm raised the cows whose shin bones comprise the keyboard. The tin and lead used to make the organ's 2,200 pipes was melted down in the Department of Art's sculpture lab.

Centennial Organ Stop List

Information about the Centennial Organ


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2010-09-04 17:50:39   No doubt the organ is stunning. It is not, however, one of the "largest pipe organs in the world" as claimed in the paragraphs above. Organs of this size (approx. 36 ranks) exist by the hundreds across the USA and around the world. Organs larger than this one also number in the hundreds. An accurate description and stop list would be of great interest to organ aficionados everywhere. —

Organs of this size probably exist by the thousands. A 36-rank organ would be considered small. The largest organ in the USA has over 30,000 pipes.

2010-09-04 20:33:53   THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT??? —

2010-09-05 18:30:46   What is a joke? If you have to make inane comments, at least be clear with them. The previous remarks about the existence of hundreds of pipe organs of this size, and more hundreds which are much larger, is accurate. —

2010-09-07 13:19:45   I believe the claim is that it is the 10th largest pipe organ in the United States, and the first pipe organ to be constucted on-site since the middle ages. Perhaps it is the tenth largest pipe organ constucted on-site in the U.S. However, in any case, the claim is worth investigating for the sake of clarity and accuarcy. Criticism is how the wiki improves. —GregBard