Welcome sign for the Chico Creek Nature Center

1968 East 8th Street
next to the former Deer Pen
Tuesday-Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm
closed Mondays

The Chico Creek Nature Center is a non-profit organization that serves as the interpretive center for Bidwell Park. They offer children's day camps, birthday parties, and field trips. Many who grew up in Chico will likely remember the obligatory elementary school field trips to the CCNC, as it is a common school destination. In addition to information about the park and nature, there are also live animals that cannot be released into the wild housed at the facility, which can be viewed during a visit.

Currently, work is underway on a new facility for the CCNC. The estimated time line was to have the first phase of construction finished by mid-December 2007, allowing for limited use. The entire project is to be completed by mid-2008. It will include funding for the project comes through both donations and grants. In addition to cash donations to help in the expansion, they also accept donations of your time, as they welcome volunteers to help out.