400 East Park Avenue
Publication dates
(530)891-1234 - front desk
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Home delivery available, see their subscription page for more info
Also available in local bookstores, grocery stores and vending machines

The Chico Enterprise-Record is the result of the merger of the Chico Enterprise and the Chico Record. The two papers combined publications on December 6, 1948. The paper had been located at Seventh and Broadway for more than 38 years but is now on East Park Avenue.1 It is the daily local newspaper for the city of Chico and is owned by Media News Group. It is not the only paper in town, but is generally regarded as the main print news source for Chico. It is published daily, and they offer home delivery to Chico and the surrounding areas.

It is a full newspaper with local, state and national news. Many of the non-local articles are from the Associated Press. In addition, they have sports, lifestyle, business and other sections one would expect from a major newspaper. They also have entertainment features such as movie times and a weekly entertainment supplement called The Buzz.


2008-02-23 19:19:38   I have one major nitpick about the Chico ER: their online articles vanish into the pay-per-view abyss after a period of time. Thankfully Google is kind enough to cache most news articles for a while. But they redeem themselves by updating their front page in a timely manner. The paper itself is pretty good. Tell It to the ER is always fun (people call in to opine) and they are great at publishing articles on community events. —RyanMikulovsky

2008-03-28 06:13:12   Also popularly known as "the Daily Disappointment." —GregBard


1. Chico: A 20th Century Pictoral History