First Chico High School on West First Street at the present site of the Meriam Library (MLSC) Chico High School on Esplanade ca. 1925 (MLSC)

901 Esplanade
First Wednesday of the Month - 8:00am-12:46pm
Jim Hanlon

Chico High is the eldest of Chico's three high schools. Established in 1902, it has a long and distinguished history of academic and athletic excellence. The beautiful campus sits in downtown Chico on The Esplanade just north of the CSU Chico campus. It is one of two conventional high schools, in addition to Chico's one continuation school. The school mascot is the Panthers, and their rivals in the annual tradition of the Almond Bowl football game are the Pleasant Valley High School Vikings.

The school's close proximity to downtown means that during the lunch break hours, many of the restaurants and parks downtown can become quite busy with teenagers anxious to get off campus for lunch. This has been mitigated by the recent prohibition of freshmen students from leaving the campus during lunch hour.

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