The Chico State President is the chief executive officer at CSU Chico. This office is the primary liaison between the university and the greater community, and the public "face" of the institution. The president maintains a close working relationship with the California State University systemwide office. The president reports to the Chancellor and the CSU Board of Trustees.

The University President is generally responsible for all policy making and implementation on campus. He or she may sign Executive Memoranda at his or her own discretion which are binding policy campuswide. In order to fulfill the general obligation of obtaining the consent of the governed, the University President will usually have the Academic Senate or one of the other Boards which report to him or her formulate the language of any important policies. However, the political environment is such that the Senate would never bring a policy formulation to the President which he would not sign in the first place.

Among the Boards which report to the President are: the University Advisory Board, the Instructionally Related Activities Board, the Campus Based Fee Advisory Committee, the Deans Council, the University Speech and Advocacy Board, and the Associated Students Board of Directors.

The Associated Students Board of Directors is a corporate board of directors, and legislative body of the students, and as such its day to day decisions and determinations are final, however the University President still has to annually sign the Associated Students Budget and he or she also certifies the results of the AS Elections.

General Duties

  • Provides leadership and represents the campus to the community;
  • Manages campus operations;
  • Plans for future needs;
  • Fundraising;
  • Setting campus priorities, and working with the entire campus community;
  • Overseeing the hiring and support of staff and teaching faculty.

Past CSUC presidents