Acker Gymnasium 126
Office Hours
M-F 12pm - 5pm
(530) 898-5170
(530) 898-4699
[email protected]
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Chico State Recreational Sports is an office within Intercollegiate Athletics at Chico State. This office was established in 1956 to provide students with the opportunity for both exercise and competition in a social environment. "Rec sports" offers at least five intramural sports each semester. Students form their own teams and compete against one another. Typically, games are once per week for five weeks with a single elimination post season. Participation in Intramural Sports is free of charge.

Intramural leagues

Fall Spring
Intramural Flag Football League Intramural Basketball League
Intramural Soccer League Intramural Softball League
Intramural Basketball League Intramural Indoor Soccer League
Intramural Bowling League
Intramural Volleyball League

Recreational Sport Clubs

Competitive Sport Clubs

Recreational Fields =

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