Size: About 27.8 square miles (71.9 km²) Elevation: appx. 245 ft above mean sea level (74 m) County: Butte County Nearest major city: Sacramento Geography: Chico is largely a flat valley floor whose east side rises into foothills.


Fall 2008 FTES Headcount
Undergraduate 14,764 15,692
Post Baccalaureate 549 571
Graduate 650 869
Total 15,963 17,132

Median household income: $29,359 Median family income $43,077 General political leanings: mostly 'progressive' in the city, mostly conservative outside the city limits.

The racial makeup of the city was 82.36% White, 2.03% Black or African American, 1.30% Native American, 4.21% Asian, 0.19% Pacific Islander, 5.65% from other races, and 4.25% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 12.26% of the population.


Mayor: Sean Morgan
Vice Mayor: Reanette Fillmer
President of CSUC: Dr. Gayle E. Hutchinson
President of Butte College: Dr. Samia Yaqub


Year founded: 1860 Incorporated: 1872 CSUC opens: 1888 For more info, see History of Chico.


Zip Codes: 95926, 95927, 95928, 95929, 95973 Area Code: 530


Climate : Mediterranean climate

Other Facts

Official designations: "City of Roses", "A nuclear-free zone" Sister Cities: Tamsui, Taiwan; Pascagoula, Mississippi

Well-known for: CSUC, Bidwell Park, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and Beer Pong

Chico Chamber of Commerce



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