119 West Second Street
Sun thru Thurs: 11am-9pm
Fri and Sat: 11am-2:00am
(530) 895-TACO
Scott Bourdelais
Linda Bourdelais
Andrew Bourdelais
June 10, 2008
Payment Method
Type of payment All Credit Cards

Chronic Tacos is located in the space where a Grilla Bites used to be. It is a franchise based in Southern California with, no surprise here, a decidedly Californian theme. It is perhaps the second Southern California franchise restaurant to make its first appearance in Northern California by way of Chico. (Old Town Rootbeer is likely the first). Chronic Tacos serves an assortment of beer on tap and in bottles.

They are open late Friday and Saturday until 2:30am. In 2009 they began offering summer beer specials where a pint of Sierra Nevada could be had for $1.75.

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2008-06-26 12:29:32   their vegetarian menu is almost non existent. —

2008-06-26 12:37:40   Yeah, I've heard from at least one person (and I agree) that their vegetarian options are really confusing. Enough for me to just avoid them and keep going to Aca Taco or Tacos de Acapulco. How a southern California-based franchise can mess up the vegetarian menu is beyond me. Well, maybe one day I'll try them out and find out for certain. —RyanMikulovsky

  • Growing up in Southern California, the only vegetarian options I remember at Mexican restaurants were the bean and cheese burritos. I have heard the offer potato tacos though, which are usually vegetarian but not vegan. These are excellent at most places. - JohnNash

2008-06-29 14:53:19   They make the food to order, so you do have to tell them what you want. Almost all of their items have a vegetarian option. Pick the vegetarian option and design the meal the way you want it. You can ask them for suggestions. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. It has a beach theme. —Danielcyr

  • Thanks for the info! It must be a common sentiment, since I was also wondering about the vegetarian offerings. I was a little confused when I looked at their menu for vegetarian options and saw that, for instance, the veggie burrito said "choose from any of our veggies." That didn't tell me anything too useful, since I don't know what their veggies are, and there is a wide range of what could be included in the veggie category. I wasn't so inclined to go in there to try it out, since I tend to like to know what I'm getting beyond just "veggies" if I am going to pay nearly $5 for the burrito. Does anyone know what their offerings are more specifically? —StaceyEllis

2008-07-03 16:58:18   I work for Chronic Tacos and I know firsthand that any of us are willing to answer any questions you have. We also accommodate and specialize orders often; you don't have to order verbatim what's on the menu. Come in, and I'm sure you'll be happily surprised. —

2008-07-03 17:00:31   Visit www.eatchronictacos.com for the full menu. —

2008-07-07 15:24:14   the place is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! —

2008-08-22 21:37:53   Delicious tacos, bad service. I went in on a Friday night and there were a dozen people in line with two out of three of the guys looking unsure what to do and waiting while the first guy took an order. Then, after waiting fifteen minutes, they started helping some guy four spots behind me.

A lack of staffing I can understand, and part of the appeal may be that the staff don't behave like fast food employees. But it really felt like they should be more on top of their stuff. —GeoffJohnson

2009-07-25 00:21:08   The black, pinto and refried beans are all vegan, and you can add white lime rice and all the ingredients from their cold table to make a vegan burrito, taco, plate or salad. You can make make a fajita burrito, adding bell peppers and onion. They also have potato tacos. —

2010-05-30 20:50:41   Actually it would be the fourth Southern California based restaurant coming into downtown... our beloved Woodstock Pizza is based in San Diego, and Pita Pit started there. At least we get something back for all our water. I absolutely love Chronic Tacos. The name really doesn't sound appetizing to me, but I'm never let down. My favorite is the Tecate beer battered fish tacos. The fish is battered per order, they don't use frozen fish sticks like the other places I've been to in Chico. Also, they have a baja fish sauce that my whole family is addicted to!! —

2011-03-01 14:19:52   This place is the best! fresh chips and salsa made daily and the Al pastor is delicious! The staff is always very friendly and efficient. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. —