This entry is about the road called Cohasset. For information on the community of the same name, see Cohasset.

Cohasset Road is a main roadway in Chico. It is a bit confusing to those who may be new to driving in Chico as it takes a sharp, unexpected turn where it meets with Mangrove Avenue. It leads from The Esplanade up to the nearby community of Cohasset. Other than the short jaunt between The Esplanade and the freeway, the roadway runs north-south.

Cohasset Road offers access to several places in Chico and the surrounding area. The Chico Municipal Airport and the Missile Silos are both located off Cohasset Road. Additionally, access to Richardson Springs is via a small private road off Cohasset Road north of Chico.

Historically, Cohasset Road did not take its current route. Prior to the building of the freeway through town, Cohasset Road continued on what is now Manzanita Court where it crossed Lindo Channel and followed what is currently known as Manzanita Avenue a few blocks until it met up with Pillsbury Road. When the freeway was built, Cohasset Road was rerouted, and the old portion of the roads were renamed to what they are currently called.

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2009-07-30 11:19:43   Not sure about this sentence: "It leads from The Esplanade up to the nearby community of Cohasset." Where does it lead from The Esplanade? —Pietro

  • Right near the overpass at Highway 99 (by the Holiday Inn, Denny's, etc), the road takes a sharp turn toward the Esplanade. If you were coming from the freeway, going straight would make the road turn into Mangrove, going right, the road continues on as Cohasset (going left would take you toward the various hotels/motels). This is a remnant from before the freeway was built, when the roads were aligned differently. Hence, from the Esplanade you can turn onto Cohasset (Dairy Queen is on that corner, as is a gas station whose name escapes me) and follow it up to where it turns left and go all the way up to Cohasset. —StaceyEllis
  • Stacey is absolutely right. — JohnNash
    • Thanks! Looking at a map helps :) —Pietro
    • Glad to help. Now the next relevant question, is there a way to make that more obvious in the text of the page? I suppose we could just cut and paste my response (plus links) into the main text, but any wordsmiths want to try to make it better? Clearer? Less rambling...? —StaceyEllis

2009-07-31 15:11:03   Perhaps maps with the referenced roads highlighted would be useful on pages like this. —RyanMikulovsky