College Invasion 6 is the name of a pornographic movie which was filmed at the Bicknell House (the Phi Kappa Tau House) in 2005. According to the Chico ER, the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity sanctioned the filming. News broke of this on March 26, 2005, with the headline "Fraternity suspended for participating in porn film" by then-Chico Enterprise-Record reporter Melissa Daugherty.

Chico State officials said that a video, did make it for sale on the web thus the movie itself had been made weeks before the story broke. Shane's World, a porn production company, was apparently involved. While the fraternity was suspended it was found that no laws or campus policies were broken according to the follow-up article, "Laws weren't broken, but fraternity's still in trouble" in the ER on March 30.

President Paul Zingg made an important speech on April 12, 2005, which outlined massive changes to the Greek system in Chico.