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To discover, share, and disseminate knowledge of integrated agricultural and environmental systems to students, industry, and society.

Values and Vision

How do we want our college to be?

We strive to support student success through a productive, engaging, and fulfilling work environment that facilitates excellence and personal satisfaction among its personnel. Faculty, staff, and administration work together in a collaborative relationship of trust and mutual respect. The interconnected family atmosphere of the college and the diversity of our students and personnel create a welcoming environment that nurtures success.

The integrated nature of our program uniquely positions us to embrace the dynamic nature of innovation and technology in agriculture. By exemplifying the teacher-scholar model, and by modeling best practices in education and agriculture, the College of Agriculture maintains a reputation of excellence and garners respect on campus, in the North State, and throughout the agriculture industry.

What do we have to create?

We support the quality of our college by the generation, responsible stewardship, and accountability of all resources (time, fiscal, environmental, and human resources). We maintain honest, respectful communication with each other and our stakeholders. We facilitate opportunities for professional development for our personnel. We maintain an active outreach program that promotes a diverse community of students and personnel.

We promote experiential, high-quality learning environments that engage our students with our personnel and the curriculum. We create an integrated curriculum that develops an appreciation and understanding of the social, economic, and environmental significance of the soil-plant-animal interface. We extend our knowledge in service to the campus, North State, and agriculture industry.

What resources must we have?

We must have living laboratories with fertile, productive soil and abundant clean water and air. We must have high-quality instructional and research facilities. We must have innovative leaders who support respected, caring, motivated, and highly qualified personnel. We must have the engagement and support of the campus, community, industry, alumni, and other stakeholders.

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