Crazy Horse Saloon Entrance on Main Street

303 Main Street
8 pm – 2 am
(530) 342-7299
Brian Buckley
August 1995
Payment Method
Cash, credit...check?

The Crazy Horse Saloon is located on the Main Street Strip in the Auditorium Building. It is an 11,000 square foot oddity. Though it bills itself as a rural bar, the Crazy Horse is more like a Las Vegas Western-themed casino without the gambling. There's a mechanical bull, the "Kamikaze Chair" where you lean back as a bartender pours liquor straight into your mouth, and a handful of scantily clad waitresses whose cowboy hats conceal more than their clothing does. If you find yourself drinking to keep the tackiness at bay, just remember that "fillies" is the women's bathroom.


2011-04-29 10:16:44   Owned by a douchebag, ran by douchebags —

2012-05-09 16:22:42   Cleanest place to dance in downtown Chico. Don't make it out often. But when we do, we always end up here. A friendlier, more customer friendly alternative to what Chico has to offer. —

2012-07-12 07:06:51   Do NOT support the Crazy Horse Salon in Chico. The owner, is dishonest. Do not assume that if you order name brand booze (which costs more), that you will get it. What you WILL GET a lot of the time, is the cheap stuff that was poured earlier into the expensive bottle. The owner, Bryan, is disliked by the entire staff, (my friend works there.) for being a huge bigot. He hates all minorities and even gay people. My friend said that besides being prejudiced, the guy is super dishonest and cheats his own staff when it comes time to pay them. I have met Brian half a dozen times (have not been back in almost 6 months) and thought he was full of himself. What do you expect from a guy that lists himself on Twitter as the Owner/President/Founder of the Crazy Horse. That is a lot of titles for the owner of one bar.