These are on-going debates in Chico. Those who wish to voice their opinions should think about contacting city council members or attending a city council meeting. However, viewing the agenda is highly recommended else your opinions may not be heard! See also Past Issues and the 2008 City Council Election.


The City of Chico is currently in what could be termed a "Budget Crisis". Some think that the city is headed towards bankruptcy without major changes. This issue will likely be one of the top concerns of 2008's city council candidates.


Residents of Chico are perceiving an increase in crime and gang activity. It's a problem all growing cities must deal with, but the question is, is the city being effective? Furthermore, there seems to be a current of sentiment against the Chico Police Department, perhaps due to recent past conduct.


Disorderly Events Ordinance

Canyon Oaks Development & Bidwell Park

Furthermore, many are up-in-arms over building of homes just outside upper Bidwell Park. Apparently these large homes interrupt hiking views along the park's western trails. This has resulted in legal against against the city.

Police Station Woes

As for projects that haven't started, a new police station is being demanded in view that the present one is tiny and in shambles.

Bottled Water

The City of Chico banned city money from purchasing bottled water on May 6, 2008. The Chico Police Department and Chico Fire Department, among other agencies, must now find other ways to keep hydrated.

Pathway Bollards

The plight of Ed McLaughlin underscores this issue: should Chico remove or maintain the bollards that prevent anything other than bikes, pedestrians, and equestrians off pathways?

Another Walmart?

There was a campaign to prevent expansion of Walmart into a northern location in Chico. The efforts to stop it included a petition (they had a booth at Thursday Night Downtown Farmer's Market), education, and bumperstickers. Walmart had mounted a campaign to explain why the proposed northern location is good for citizens but eventually decided not to build a new Walmart.

Now they want to expand the existing Walmart and that too has interested residents for and against.

Diagonal Parking in Downtown Neighborhoods

In mid-2007, the city decided to follow recommendations made by a parking study by replacing parallel parking on both sides of Salem with just one side of diagonal parking. Affected residents say that it's unsafe and may cause further congestion. In addition, a bike lane will have to be removed. It's unclear at this moment what the status is of this issue but it is certainly on the boiler plate as flyers denouncing the move have been stapled onto poles around the affected areas in Spring of 2008.