Name: Dain Sandoval

email: dain(at)

Office: Chico is my office

Personality: I talk about myself enough on my other pages. I'll let others write what they want about me here.

Bio: Dain is a 31 year old male that lives in the city of Chico, CA. He moved from San Diego, CA. in 1998. Dain centers his life and activities around music and media. He was with 106.7 Z-Rock (KRQR) as a DJ (1998-2005) and eventually Program Director (2001-2005). He was with 107.5 The Point (KQPT) until October 2008. Dain's voice is heard on numerous stations in the North Valley as he produces many of the commercials you hear. His current radio involvement is with the KZFR Board of Directors. Dain also works for the Synthesis Network, home of The Synthesis and His duties at Synthesis include maintaining the website, producing commercials, podcast production, graphic design, IT/network support, computer repair, writing, and photography.

Dain is a punk rock guitarist for two Chico bands. Two-time Cammie Award winning Socially Pink and the recently shelved Ramones cover band, Pinhead.

Dain has done charity work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte County and the ISCCD/Stonewall Alliance. A supporter of the arts, Dain has been involved with the Blue Room Theatre and Rogue Theatre Company.

An out of control party animal for many years, Dain now lives a clean and sober life. It is common to see Dain with a tank of coffee and plate of tacos from Duke's. Sometimes distant, he can come off as a jerk, but is probably just shy or out in his own little world.

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2008-09-18 18:42:20   Hi Dain. Thanks for contributing! Hope to see you around here regularly, and of course, if possible please help spread the good word about this community project. Thanks again! —RyanMikulovsky