Bicycles parked on the UC Davis campus Davis, CA (population 60,308 in 2000 census) is a college town, similar to Chico in many ways, located about 100 miles to the south. It is in the greater Sacramento region and home to the University of California, Davis.

UC Davis is the northernmost campus of the University of California. Enrollment last year (fall 2006) was reported as 30,475 students. In addition to the regular university offerings, it also houses a school of law, a veterinary school and a medical school (located in Sacramento). It was originally founded to be the agricultural extension of the UC Berkeley campus, but has since expanded into the full campus it currently is. Agriculture is still a huge focus at UC Davis: Davis students are known as the Cal Aggies. Their mascot is a mustang named Gunrock. Cow tipping is a sport at this university, and a popular class on campus focuses on driving a tractor. Of course, you don't have to go to UC Davis just for that: Butte College has plenty of tractors too.

Davis is considered to be the most bike-friendly city in the nation by the League of American Bicyclists. Bicycling and bicycle ownership are part of the identity of many residents. The city has miles of bike paths, and the inner UCD campus is restricted from motor vehicle traffic, allowing bicyclists to have free reign over the roads and roundabouts.

UC Davis, like Chico State, has a creek running through it: Putah Creek. Unlike Big Chico Creek, Putah Creek is channelized, and most of it travels through the arboretum. It typically contains much less water than Big Chico Creek. Algae, ducks, and turtles populate the often stagnating channel.

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