Depot Park 2009

Park Location
West Fourth Street and Cedar Street
1.125 Acres

Depot Park is a neighborhood park in the South Campus Neighborhood at West Fourth Street and Cedar Street located near the Chico Amtrak Station. The City of Chico describes Depot Park as, "an ideal place for an afternoon picnic and is most commonly utilized for weddings." However, with the current housing crisis in Chico, Depot Park is presently used as a campground for unhoused individuals.

Food Not Bombs often has meals at this park. The North State Shelter Team has provided showers to campers at Depot Park using the Mobile Shower Trailer.

In 2022, Chance Vincent was arrested and charged with stabbing a 53-year-old man near Depot Park. A fire took place in 2022, in which three tents and their belongings were destroyed. There were no injuries and the cause of the fire is unknown. In February, 2023, a person at Depot Park was shot with a BB-gun. No arrests have been made the the investigation is ongoing. 

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2009-02-26 07:36:08   A question was posed to me the other night. Who is "The L"? A gang? —RyanMikulovsky

2009-07-19 15:51:17   I assume "The L" refers to a L-shaped apartment complex on the southwest corner of 4th & Cedar. —

  • That does sound reasonable. Now I wonder how much merit there is to folks living in "The L" running that area... thanks! —RyanMikulovsky