The Donut Nook, June 2009 This entry is about Donut Nook, not to be confused with Helen's Donut Nook, another donut shop in town.

958 East Avenue #A
Open 24 hours
(530) 342-2118
Joseph Del Carlo
Payment Method
Cash, credit

Donut Nook is a donut shop located in North Chico. It is something of an institution in town, as it is open 24 hours and caters to a wide range of Chicoans throughout the day and night. The decor may leave something to be desired, as it has not been updated in a few decades, but one does not generally go to a donut shop for ambiance. They offer a wide range of donuts and other baked goods such as rolls, muffins and scones, but are known for their signature "chocolate chip square." It is a giant square donut filled with chocolate chips that is drizzled with chocolate and maple. Their bearclaws and apple fritters are equally large and filling.

Donut Nook's famous Chocolate Chip Square In addition to sweets, the Donut Nook offers various coffee drinks. They have regular and decaf drip coffee and specialty espresso drinks. Other drinks such as soda are available as well.

If you are at the Donut Nook very late at night, you can witness the donuts being prepared. There is a large window to your left as you walk in that gives a view behind the scenes. You can see the whole process from forming the donuts through frying and glazing. Because donuts are generally a breakfast food, you have to be there in the wee-morning hours to witness the donut making.

There are several round tables within the Donut Nook where one can sit and enjoy their donut and coffee. Back in the day, they had a couple of arcade games, and today they still have one of them. Drop by to get your Ms. Pac-Man fix.

Interestingly, they have a sign that says they won't serve you if you're talking on your cellphone.


2009-05-11 08:51:35   This is the best donut place ever! —JohnNash

2012-01-04 10:46:45   Mr. Del Carlo I have been trying to reach you for several days and I understand how busy you may be, you have a nice place there and serve great donuts. I wanted to take some of your time and introduce myself with a portfolio and resume. My interest is in guidance with my business start-up, and as a baker, I am currently enrolled in a business degree program at an on- line college. I am not interested in selling you anything, and you are under no pressure to go any further once my introduction is completed. Sincerely Ron Copeland Sol Proprietor Noteworthy Foods —

Ron Copeland—please be aware this is a page about Donut Nook. It is not monitored actively by anyone ay Donut Nook. To contact Mr. Del Carlo, please call the store or drop by. —PeterBoulay