If Duffy's is Irish why is the sign Chinese style? It's the old Dynasty Shell Cove sign. Duffy's Tavern

337 Main St.
Fourth and Main
M-F 10am-2am, Weekends Noon to 2am
(530) 343-7718
Doug Roberts & Roger Montalbano
September 1989
Payment Method
Cash & card

Duffy's Tavern is located in the Leininger Building on the Main Street Strip in between Melody Records and what was Towne Lounge at Fourth and Main. Duffy's is a narrow little (not that narrow, jackass) bar with a sturdy jukebox and regular visits by The Pub Scouts. There is a rear room just past the bathrooms and it has plenty of table seating, a pool table, and its own bathroom.

This bar has a rather eclectic crowd and so is definitely not where most students hang out.

Duffy's is named after the Duffy's Tavern old time radio program.


Bunting Jesus More Dynasty artifacts

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2009-09-03 17:49:54   20year reunion this month! —

2010-06-06 09:12:12   Jesus is swinging away...Jesus don't bunt!!! —

2011-10-21 19:10:45   "definitely not where most students hang out." For me, this is the main attraction of Duffy's- you're not overrun by frat boys and empty-headed sorority girls. Just a small, friendly dive bar where you can be yourself and not have to worry about impressing people. —