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Euro Café, in conjunction with Far Northern Regional Center, (FNRC) provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to acquire important public socialization, independent living, and employment skills while being paid a competitive wage. Many clients of FNRC are willing, and able, to gain competitive employment but often find it difficult to obtain employment. The Euro Café offers an opportunity at competitive employment and help clients develop skills to obtain a career in the community.

FNRC clients are trained in food service and basic barista skills. Euro Café staff provides an environment that is supportive and respectful of individuals with developmental disabilities. Euro Café staff who are not FNRC clients are considered “leads” that act as job coaches for FNRC consumers. Although Euro Café staff coaches FNRC consumers, all consumers are treated as working peers. FNRC consumers are given the title “associate”, are considered part of the overall coffee house staff, and work as a team.

The Euro Café is locally owned and operated. We give preference to local vendors where possible and collaborate with various other social work agencies. The Euro Café is dedicated to supporting the Chico and Butte County communities.

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