The old sign for "Nunzio's" still sitting atop the Fairview Center sign

East Avenue and Cohasset Road
across from the North Valley Plaza
Varies by business

Fairview Center is a small, often overlooked shopping center in North Chico. It is hope to several restaurants and shops including Spiteri's Deli, All the Best Video and Hy Fy Muffler, to name a few long-standing local businesses. It is set slightly back from the streets that surround it, making the description that it is at the corner of East and Cohasset close, but not exactly true. Access to the parking lot can be gained at either East Avenue or Cohasset Road, but the businesses directly on the corner do not share their parking area with the Fairview Center itself.

Fairview Center is most easily identified by its old wooden sign. Apparently at some point there was once a business in the shopping center called "Nunzio's" that had something to do with fish, but decades later there is no such place despite the prominent fish adorning the sign. In addition to the sign being in a state of some disrepair, be aware that the parking lot at the Fairview Center is notorious for its deep potholes and uneven surface. Just take it slow and careful when driving through the parking lot.


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