1380 East Avenue Chico, Ca
Every day 11am-9pm
FRI-SAT 11am-Midnight
(530) 892-1122
Payment Method
M/C and Visa Accepted

Fatte's has friendly and helpful employees. The restaurant is located in the Safeway shopping center near Pleasant Valley High School. Their pizza bears a strong resemblance to Pizza Hut's, although Fatte's crust is heftier and tastier. The toppings are small and unimpressive, though the flavor is decent.

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2009-07-08 22:19:50   Decent, low-cost pizza. We get their family special: 2 large pizzas with 2 toppings each, buffalo wings or salad, garlic bread and 6 sodas. Tasty, filling, and economical. I like the pizza with white sauce, chicken and mushrooms. —Maycat

2009-10-08 14:42:40   Fatte's pizza is horrible. The crust reminds me of every bad pizza commercial that condemns cardboard crust pizzas, because Fatte's is cardboard crust pizza. I've never had pizza so bad, I would rather have Dominoe's which I consider the worst pizza I will eat. I thought the toppings and cheese were good, not to mention getting 2 for the price of 1 is pretty cool, but there is no attention or care put into making the dough which is made in house, yet the crust still tastes like its been sitting around for weeks. The crust ruins it for me, I'd go somewhere, anywhere else. —

2009-10-10 10:50:18   Great pizza and never had a bad pie from them but if I did have a complaint I'm sure there friendly staff would make it right. My friends and I get pizza regulary from them and love all the good flavers of the quality toppings they use. —

2010-04-12 14:13:13   Fatte's is a great value and it's pretty darn good too. Where else can you get buy 1 get 1 free pizzas year round? I think we paid $12.99 + tax for 2 large cheese pizzas, you can't beat that! —

2010-07-25 11:40:42   I am sorry to hear that someone had such disparaging comments below. I really like Fatte's, especially for the value! Yes, sometimes we splurge for Round Table but we socialize a lot and I tend to order Fatte's for our parties and for the kids. Everyone seems to love it! Hey, I just ordered 10 pizza's for a party and it came to under $100!!! You can't beat that! Gotta LOVE IT! —

2011-05-11 21:37:14   Fatte's pizza is delicious, especially the sauce. Our family prefers it over most other pizza joints. The 2 for 1 is an amazing deal. I do think it is best eaten fresh, but you can't beat their prices for such a good pizza. —

2011-10-10 09:55:03   I get this pizza often and the toppings are not unimpressive by any means. —