Photo taken in October 2013.

The Four Corners is an intersection between Chico, Durham and Dayton. Four different roads converge at this place: Dayton Road, Durham Dayton Highway, Aguas Frias Road and Ord Ferry Road.

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2009-01-28 11:04:52   Well, there probably used to be a restaurant there. I don't know its name. I say "used to be" because Google Street View shows a FOR SALE sign in the front of the building at the corner here:

2009-01-28 11:06:37   Mother's was the name of the restaurant at Four Corners. —

  • Yes! I was drawing a total blank last night when I wrote the page! How could I forget??? Thanks! —StaceyEllis

2013-01-04: Does anyone know their Clam Chowder recipe???? It was the BEST!!!