Condensed minutes for September 12 2008

These minutes were put together by the club advisor (Kelly W).

Officers have been elected and include the following:

  • President – Chris K.
  • Vice President – Nic E.
  • Secretary – Jeff R.
  • Treasurer – Mary M.
  • ICC Representative – Brett G.

We have our paperwork finished but could still use a couple of members to sign the roster. Thanks all.

Some decisions were made on the following:

  • Business meeting on the First Friday of the month, each Friday following will be a hike or work on the refuge
  • Next hike will be on Friday the 19th; survey the riparian area, minor clean up and plans for a bigger clean up next time
  • Hike on Friday the 26th will either be a continuation of the survey or some actual cleaning
  • First Friday in October will be a business meeting

Possible future activities:

  • Gray Lodge
  • Spider hike (I can get in touch with Cami)
  • Bird ID hike
  • Photo hike to take pictures of invasives and assemble a brochure
  • Build log benches

Possible ideas for future purchasing (use current funds or apply for ICC funds):

  • Binoculars
  • Field guides
  • Fake scat and tracks
  • Materials for bench