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  • Hey, I love the idea of a wiki for Chico, but I was able to add in the correct hours for Chili's without having to log in, is that supposed to be like that? I figure people might be afraid of vandalism or something. — HibikiWolf
    • The powers that be have decided on a anonymous ok setting until excessive vandalism stops that. For now, it's not been a big issue, though I see the tide turning on that myself. - JohnNash
    • There was quite a long discussion about whether or not to require people to log in or not. If you're interested, you can see it here. Basically, it came down to letting anonymous edits happen until vandalism/spam becomes a problem rather than assuming it'll be a problem and preemptively requiring log in. I personally would like to see us require accounts, but there is no single decision maker here, since we are a community and try to talk things out and come to a consensus. I do encourage you to sign up for a user account, HibikiWolf, since it helps us to build community and lets the regular editors get to know you. Welcome to the Wiki and thanks for the contributions! Hope to see you around the wiki! —StaceyEllis