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  • I think we should figure out a better way to organize information. The frontpage looks pretty messy and confusing right now. — RyanMikulovsky
  • I'm thinking about adding a page about cycling around Chico for transportation giving information such as "how to trigger the lights", etc. Any opinions about where I should put it? — RexKerr
    • There's the Bicycling link off of Outdoor Activities and probably another page somewhere too. I'm not sure if we should add it to the front page. Any others with thoughts? —RyanMikulovsky
    • I think a link off the Front Page next to "Driving in Chico" would be good. It's all in the general "getting around" idea, and why should we favor only cars? I say go for it! —StaceyEllis

  • Hi all. Recently the front page has become pretty long and a little unwieldy with a ton of links. I'm beginning to think that this might be somewhat overwhelming to most people. It might be best to begin consolidating some of the similar links into one. For example, Emergency Services page includes fire, police, and medical — so why not remove those last three links? Same goes for Art Galleries, Public Art, and Local Artists — they can be consolidated into the page Art. Ideally the main categories listed should be visible without scrolling and be well organized. At present I don't have time to properly reorganize. If you think you have an idea how to do this properly, by all means, provide examples on this page. Otherwise I'll have at it when I find time, perhaps end of next week. In the mean time let's not add any more links to the front page. Thanks! —RyanMikulovsky
    • I don't really see a problem with the amount of links, however I understand the concern. We don't want to get ridiculous. I don't think the arrangement is perfect either. It seems on my browser that the columns are even, though. One thing to consider is that it is an evolving thing.
    • I take my cue from the "WikiProject Integration" recommendations. The goal there is to have a few big articles that are the main articles, and a lot of supporting articles which are linked, etc... Those big articles should be the starting point on the front page. Unfortunately for us a lot of those are underdeveloped, whereas the supporting articles are well developed. I'm thinking of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, for instance. I think it's okay to include Houses, Apartments, etc at least until the Residential page is developed, for instance.
    • I think we should have a "commercial directory" page that covers that whole area, etc. Over time the organization will develop. However there are a few things we can do now that will help later.
    • I'm wondering if "Food and Drink" and "Computer and Internet" are that important. I'm open-minded to trimming it in general. —GregBard
    • I agree that the front page is getting a little overwhelming. It does not need to link to everything, just provide a gateway to where to find everything you need. For instance, having neighborhoods makes sense to me, but having a link to every single neighborhood seems a little much. As for Greg's question specific to "Food and Drink" and "Computer and Internet" I would say that the latter could be unnecessary, but the food related stuff is important. My friends and I tend to use the "Restaurants" and "cafes" links on Davis Wiki any time we are thinking about going out. If they weren't linked from the front page, we'd be lost, so I'd recommend keeping them based on my experience in Davis. In general, I'd be in favor of trimming things down, so perhaps we could try to all come to a consensus as to what is necessary and what is not and then do the overhaul. —StaceyEllis
    • One of the few things I do not want to see go is the break-out for Food and Drinks because that is in my experience the most popular part of any city wiki. People love to know about area restaurants and whether or not there are vegan and vegetarian options at a glance. Besides, it is the smallest category and so the least of our worries. Same goes for Computer and Internet although that category tends to attract only those that want to self-promote themselves in the least effective way via a link (c'mon people, promote your business by writing about it! We won't snarl at businesses that do it so long as they don't mind the Gnomes making it less like advertising). But I digress. The largest one, which used to be two categories, is "Town Orientation." It needs to be completely revamped or split up again. I also happen to like symmetry and it is a mess in that regard.

      Anyway, the frontpage in its current state doesn't lend itself well to listing a bunch of supporting articles. So perhaps we should focus on the primary articles for a while so we can nuke some of those links? (as an aside, we need to focus on preventing orphaned pages as well). We could also do what I've done on the Food and Drinks page and that is adding important linked topics at the top of the page in a highly visible table. To see this in action, go to Wikipedia's frontpage and click on a category link at the top of the page. They list out all the major sub-categories on your selected topic. That is certainly compatible with WikiProject Integration. If done right then the wiki can really clean up the front page and make more room for other features to try to suck people in. Anyhow, I'm out of time so I'll try to pick this up later. I suggest people look hard at the front page and suggest how to thin it out a bit and make topics organized and easier to find at a glance. —RyanMikulovsky

    • For what it's worth, I liked having "City Life" and "Town Orientation" as two distinct categories anyway, all aesthetic issues of symmetry aside. "City Life" was about what to do while living in Chico: where to eat, parks to visit, things to do, etc. "Town Orientation" was about learning more about the community: the history, urban legends, and things that make Chico an interesting and distinct place. I am working on seeing how we can best achieve everyone's goals here, since the most important thing and our common goal is to make this wiki the most useful it can be to the most people possible. I think in its current state, if I were just now stumbling across Chico Wiki for the first time, I would be a little overwhelmed by the vast lists of information on the front page. Less is probably more in this situation, and it'll be an evolving process to find the balance between having enough stuff to be useful to people and having so much that it's overwhelming. It's all part of the fun and exactly what wikis are about... —StaceyEllis