The George Petersen Rose Garden at Chico State is right outside the Meriam Library and Glenn Hall. While snipping them yourself is considered vandalism, in January or February the gardener will prune the roses and place the clippings in a box for those who may want to propagate them. Otherwise, don't bother taking a snip as there is at least one camera observing the beautiful rose garden from within a nearby hall.


Rose Garden & Statue "During the spring of 1957, a rose garden was planted behind Trinity Hall. It was planted in the spot where the old cafeteria once stood. The rose garden took four months to develop. Supervising groundskeeper Richard Pessner designed the garden and planted 400 rose bushes. Donated by horticulturalist George F. Petersen, the roses were of many varieties and colors. Petersen wanted to garden beyond his backyard, so he proposed a rose garden for the campus.

His love for gardening may have been inherited from his father, Frederick Gustav "Fred" Petersen who was John Bidwell's groundskeeper. From 1909 to 1948, the Petersen family started and operated Lindo Nursery, which later became Christian & Johnson.

While in retirement, his own garden grew to include over 165 types of flowers.

George Frederick Petersen was born in Chico, CA on 24 July 1903 and died in Fresno, CA on 9 Dec 2001.  Burial unknown.

Today, there is fine for picking roses from the George Petersen rose garden." 1


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2008-11-09 18:15:09   Was this the same George Peterson? —RyanMikulovsky

2008-11-09 18:17:08   Most likely an ancestor. -GB —GregBard

2008-11-09 18:27:17   Ah I should have noticed the date George Peterson died. Yeah, probably an ancestor. Thanks. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-04-02 10:34:39   Does anyone know the history of the statues that overlook the rose garden? I've heard that they're titled "The Three Sisters". Thanks, Regina —

2010-04-03 15:18:40   You are talking about the The Three Women. Apparently they aren't necessarily sisters. —