117 West Fourteenth Street
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(530) 891-8617
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Guzzetti's Catering and Indian Food is a catering business in the Barber Neighborhood.

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2011-04-11 15:12:37   I really am enjoying your Hummus & would like to know how I can get a list of different Hummus' & how I can get some ordered & shipped to my home. —

2011-07-28 14:14:13   Picked up some garden bread and cucumber raita at your stand @ farmers market. It was amazing!! Is your product in stores?? —

2011-12-06 08:26:12   I bought your "CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA" while in California and it was great. Is there somewhere near Orland, Florida or can you ship it to Florida? —

2011-12-06 12:10:50   Please be aware this is a page ABOUT Guzzetti's but not run by them. For any questions please contact them directly —PeterBoulay

2012-02-21 23:39:07   anyone interested in having product shipped, where we sell in northern california, or recipes and fun stuff please e-mail us at [email protected]. —