The Honey Run Covered Bridge was a historical wooden tri-span covered bridge located at 1670 Honey Run Rd, Chico, Ca. 95928, about half way in between Chico and Paradise in Northern California. It was one of the few covered bridges left in California and is the only tri-span covered bridge in the Nation, until it was destroyed in the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018.

The bridge was originally built in 1887 by the American Bridge Company of San Francisco at the cost of $4295. George Miller was appointed superintendent of construction. During the heavy rains of 1894, the bridge was washed from its moorings at the banks and carried downstream to complete destruction. A Mr. Bennett was given a bid was given a bid of $16 to $18 per thousand feet of lumber to rebuild the Honey Run Covered Bridge, which was completed in 1896.

The bridge crossed Butte Creek and intersected with Centerville Rd. in Butte County, California. In 1965, a truck smashed into the east end of the bridge causing it to partially collapse. The County Road Department Plans were to build a concrete bridge a quarter mile upstream and abandon the Honey Run Covered Bridge until Harvey Johnson created the HRCBA (Honey Run Covered Bridge Association) and became the first president. He gathered many signatures for his petition to rebuild the Honey Run Covered Bridge. The Association's dedication was to raise money and solicit volunteer help to restore, preserve and maintain the bridge for future generations.

A major fundraising project was needed by the association. Butte County Sheriff Larry Gillick, was contacted and the first Honey Run Covered Bridge Pancake Breakfast was served by his deputies in the "Captain Bob Chuck Wagon". They served approximately 1,000 breakfasts and raised many funds. Since then, the association voted to make it an annual fund raising event for every  first Sunday in the month of June. An alternative steel bridge was built upstream for vehicular traffic as the Honey Run Covered Bridge was being built for pedestrians only.

The Honey Run Covered Bridge Association is now a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation. The Honey Run Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 23, 1988.  The current president of the HRCBA is Nick Salerno III, the great grand nephew of the very first president of the association in 1965, Harvey Johnson.

The HRCBA (Honey Run Covered Bridge Association) has begun planning for rebuilding the bridge, and has collected about $300,000 (about 10%) of the 3 Million dollar estimated cost.