1293 E 1st Ave
at the corner of E. 1st Ave. and Longfellow
Open Mon: 3:00 am
Mon - Fri: OPEN 24hrs.
Close Fri: Midnight
Sat & Sun: 5:30 am - Midnight
(530) 343-5678
Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
Payment Method
major credit cards

In Motion Fitness is a five acre fitness facility that features programs and activities for all ages. They are located on the site of one of the former Holiday Market stores in Central Chico.

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2012-01-04 15:51:16   Beware of verbal promises of the sales people!! My wife and I signed up together, she with a year long membership and I with a 6-month membership. I chose a shorter membership because I expected to graduate in December and would probably move away from Chico. However, we were told that if I should happen to stay in Chico and we wanted/needed to, we could simply transfer some of the remaining time on my wife's membership to extend my own. So for example, we would both wind up with a 9-month membership as opposed to a 1-year membership and a 6-month membership. When we talked to membership two days ago they gave us a totally different story. "Oh, we don't do that. We have never done that before, not even for corporate accounts." After a bit of haggling I eventually convinced them to make the change to our account, but not until we agreed to pay an additional "processing fee." Moral of the story, unless it is in writing, don't believe anything they say! —