Meeting Location
Tehama Hall, California State University, Chico
Member Dues
Semester: $15
Full Year: $20
IDTS Officers
President: Chris Foreman [email protected]
Vice President: Adele Pfister [email protected]
Club Advisers
Dr. John Roussell [email protected]
Dr. Tom Welsh [email protected]
Webmaster: Kim Betty [email protected]

IDTS Mission Statement

The goal of the Instructional Design and Technology Society is to bridge the gap between CSUC Instructional Design and Technology students and the working community. This is accomplished through but not limited to guest speakers, field trips, professional experience opportunities, valued contacts and insightful information. Social events are a critical component of our success, where we relax and enjoy the journey of scholarship and personal development.

What is IDTS?

The Instructional Design and Technology Society was started to meet the needs of the Communication Design students studying Instructional Design & Technology. Students from other areas such as Human Resource Management, Psychology, and Education may also find the club to be beneficial. Students from all majors are welcome.

The goal of the Instructional Design & Technology Society, is to learn about the corporate world. Job opportunities, internships, field trips and guest speakers aid in achieving our goal. When you join the Instructional Design & Technology Society, you will learn what it takes to be successful.

If you are a Chico State student and would like to join the Instructional Design and Technology Society, please go to and fill out the inquiry form or just e-mail the club president for more information. Come to our first meeting which will be held the 3rd week of school. Visit the Web site for specifics on the day, time, and location.

If you are a professional or business interested in hiring an Instructional Design and Technology student, please go to and fill out the form with job details or you can e-mail one of our club advisers or the club president.


Each year, as a club, we strive to raise money to attend the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) Conference. This is a large part of being in the club. The conference can be an amazing opportunity for IDT students and it may be difficult to come away from it without an internship, job offer, or at least some connections for future job searching. This year, the conference will be held in Florida at the Dolphin Disney World Resort. Not including fundraiser money and any help from ISPI, rooms will come to about $200 per person. Airfare will probably be pretty expensive so start saving now! Tickets are currently priced at about $450 round trip.


This year, we will be focusing on small fundraisers like bake sales and perhaps a car wash or two. Club members work together to organize the fundraisers and the money raised will go toward the ISPI conference and other club expenses.