Welcome to Chico Wiki!

Here is the one place on the Internet where you can share your knowledge and thoughts about anything in the city of Chico or even its small satellite towns. In fact, you might even want to use this website as a scrapbook of your discoveries, since pictures and your words are so very easily shared!

Many cities seem to have quite a "learning curve" for newcomers. Why not help people to avoid all the trouble of finding the perfect Pizza Parlor or the best swimming hole at Bidwell Park? Nearly anything you can think of to write about this city is bound to be useful for others, so go get started! You, your camera, and a notebook — all perfect for capturing the compelling nature of Chico for others to enjoy and learn of! It's wonderfully easy! You don't really need a camera of course.

So the bottom line is, no one really owns Chico Wiki. Sure, there are community editors to make sure everything is perfect, and looks good. There's absolutely someone that owns the server this website is on. And yes, it did originally start with one person, but out of the shared ideas of the untold masses. But this website is really all about the community. It's your resource, and your voice! The community, ultimately, "owns" the digital nexus that is Chico Wiki!

Therefore, don't be afraid to contribute or try something new!

Are you ready to contribute? Take a look at our Chico Wiki Guide for a quick start.