This page is for discussing the contents of Irvine Finch River Access.

  • I have concerns over the privacy of these young men and women — it's one thing if they know that they'll be on a website available to everyone in the world, but quite another if they don't know. Any thoughts? In any case, the photographs need to be properly formatted. It'd be even better to have some informative written material too. Thanks for the enthusiasm! Oh, and the bottom photo showing dozens of tubers is awesome. —RyanMikulovsky
  • I realize that taking the pics down could come across as censorship, but in reality, I have concerns about whether the people in these pictures would want these out there for everyone to see. It's one thing to go to the river for a float with your friends, it's entirely different to have photos of you posted without your knowledge. I'm all for pictures of groups of people from a distance (no identifiable faces) or of people who know they are here (on their personal user pages or if they put the pics up themselves), but this strikes me as different. My thoughts on this also apply to Scotty's Boat Landing and the pics there. Anyone else have thoughts? —StaceyEllis
  • I share both of your concerns on this issue. The people on the Scotty's page are smiling for the camera and know their photo is being taken, but I doubt they knew if their photo was going to be posted publicly on the internet. While it is technically legal to have the pictures up without their permission, I don't think it's polite to do so. Also, I don't know that they increase the value of the wiki itself; I think it's awesome to show young people out floating and having fun, but I agree with Stacey that we should limit it to unidentifiable faces. Anyway, /$0.02 —DavidStillman
  • Okay, sounds like at least the three of us are on the same page. I agree with both of your opinions. I'm going to wait until later tonight to remedy the situation so as to ensure other wiki editors or the photographer can voice their opinion (since this is a community, the community should reach a consensus whenever possible). —RyanMikulovsky