106.7 FM
KRQR or Z-Rock
Studio: Chico CA
Transmitter: xxx
Transmitter Power
xxx kW
530-342-2200 Business
(###)###-### Studio
Parent Company
Results Radio
Web Site

KRQR or "Z Rock" is one of the area Radio Stations. They focus on rock and alternative and extreme.

From the mid-80s to mid-90s, "Z Rock" was a nationwide network of radio stations that focused on hard rock and heavy metal. With Z Rock News from Boobie Bondage and Headbanger's Heaven hosted by Crazy Mike Paine, it was a pretty clear attempt to mirror MTV (which at the time played music videos and only news and interviews directly related to current music). One of the first nationwide networks designed from scratch (rather than slowly spreading out from a regional network), the format was quite successful across the country, finally dying in the middle of the 90s when metal was less popular and the radio business was undergoing consolidation and retooling. Today there are only four stations and one feed (on Armed Forces Radio) that retain the Z Rock moniker, of which KRQR claims to be the "official last" station.

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2009-08-29 18:12:53   I don't really get where the "Z rock" call tag comes from. Obviously, it's not as clear as KROQ in LA. Anyone know? —JohnNash