905 Wall Street
Mon-Sat: 10AM- 8PM
Sun: 10am- 6pm
(530) 809-0370
Jon Meyer
Payment Method
Cash, ATM

La Cocina Economica is a restaurant in downtown at Ninth and Wall. It was started by the same folks that run the El Paisa Taco Trucks, but was purchased in 2009 by new owners.

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2009-03-29 15:26:07   Just tried this place a few weeks ago... hands down my favorite Mexican place in Chico. Very authentic and surprisingly creative. —

2009-10-16 11:02:21   Best Mexican food in Chico at excellent prices. The dining area is a bit boring so take out is the best option. —

2009-11-07 17:03:37   I love this place!! Cheap but so good! —

2010-02-02 18:15:05   why do you bother listing these without the hours? so useless —

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2010-11-19 19:34:05   Favorite Mexican in Chico. Great burritos, nachos, and horchata. —

2012-06-25 17:25:07   Stopped in this weekend for 1st time and had Chicken Burrito Supreme. Great taste, price and experience! HIGHLY RECOMMEND —