954 Mangrove Avenue
Mangrove Plaza
Monday to Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm
Sunday closed
Mike Pavis, Jr.
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Cash, Checks & Credit Cards
ATM available for a fee

The food at La Comida is cheap. You can get a lot to eat without paying a lot for it. It has even been bestowed with the honor as the recipient of the Chico News & Review's Best of Chico award for "Best Cheap Eats" ten years in a row. It's hardly what would be called "authentic" Mexican food, but rather is more Americanized Mexican food. This is not a place to go for any sort of fine dining, but if you are looking for a quick and cheap meal, this may be the restaurant for you.

The menu has ala carte items beginning at only $1.19 up to a two-item combo (with rice, beans and salad) for $6.39. One gripe customers have had for years is that they do not offer free refills for their sodas, and in order to get more, one must go back through the line to pay for a second round (which can be a huge hassle during busy hours). This may be a petty complaint, but it's a common sentiment.

Upon entering, immediately get into the line (which is almost always there) to place your order. When you place the order and pay, you will be given a number that will eventually be called out over a loudspeaker. Pick it up at the counter adjacent to where you ordered (and pick up your silverware if you missed it at ordering). Seating can be hard to find at busy times, so try to keep an eye out while ordering, and grab a table between ordering and picking up food.

The chips and salsa are another thing this place is known for. The whole menu is available to go, but the chips and salsa can often be seen at many a Chico party. The salsa comes in a large Styrofoam cup and the chips in a five-gallon bucket. You may have tried their salsa at a gathering and not even realized it, as it is a local favorite.


2008-03-20 11:04:29   La Comida's salsa and refried bean dip were pretty good. I had their #3 combo (beans or rice with an entree) with an enchilada. It was good for such a low price. I quite enjoyed the bottomless chips and salsa in a squeeze bottle. The restaurant appears to be quite family friendly. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-07 00:45:58   They now accept cards at the register. —

2011-03-20 15:12:41   I need the salsa recipe......need, I NEED it. Anybody have it? —

2011-09-28 15:27:32   It used to be a good place to take the kids and eat a decent meal cheaply, with good service. Sadly, that has ceased to be the case, in my experiences there. So, I have moved on to other restaurants that fill that bill, and are actually managed. —

2011-11-15 12:55:04   seriously, if you saw the conditions of the kitchen area you would think twice about eating there, true this place has been a staple of chico's cuisine for years, hence the problem it is filty and old. —