Entrance to La Hacienda

2635 Esplanade
M-Sat: 11am- 9pm
(530) 893-8270
Ed Kimball
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La Hacienda is another of Chico's quintessential restaurants and has been going strong since 1948! It was originally founded by Nat and Tomasa Ybanez at a Nord Avenue location along Big Chico Creek. With a good deal of success, the restaurant moved to its present building. They are very popular for their "Original Tostada" and house salad dressing (aka their secret sauce).

The restaurant on the Esplanade is very spacious and has a full bar with a television for sporting events. La Hacienda offers curbside take-out — menus are available in the lobby. Meal prices range from $7 to just under $10.

Chicken Tostada — there's a lot going on under that lettuce! Cheese Enchilada Classic

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2008-11-30 17:01:41   After almost three years of living in Chico, I finally managed to dine at La Hacienda. I ordered a Cheese Enchilada while my girlfriend ordered a Chicken Tostada off their refreshingly simple single-page menu. They did not skimp on the jack cheese in the enchilada — it was brimming. Many Mexican restaurants tend to serve really bland refried beans. Theirs had spice and was quite good. Speaking of spice, my girlfriend said that there was just about a whole breast of well seasoned chicken below the pillow of lettuce in her tostada. She thought that there was just enough secret sauce — anymore it would have detracted. Overall, the tostada was quite good. Chips and salsa replenishment came often enough although service began to taper off towards the end of our stay. It seemed as if we had become camouflaged as waiters and waitresses flew by us without noticing our napkin covered plates. They were busy but I don't believe busy enough to warrant an unusually delayed departure. Overall, great Mexican food but mediocre service (at the time we were there; I hope it isn't representative of most visits although many tables were being serviced well enough it seemed to me). In any case, I can see why this place is a long living Chico institution. —RyanMikulovsky