118 W East Ave
Next to Save Mart
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(530) 894-5707
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Little Caesars is a Restaurant located next to Save Mart off of East Avenue. Though they have all kinds of different options similar to a normal pizza place, they are best known for (and most popular for) their 5 dollar large pizza deal. These cheese or pepperoni pizzas are "Hot N Ready" which means they are made and stuck in a warmer until they are purchased. Due to the volume of purchases though (especially near meal times) these pizzas hardly sit in here for longer then a few minutes. Count yourself lucky that this Little Caesars still offers them for $5 because some stores charge more! So if you feel that you can spend more, there are several sides available such as "Crazy Bread" and chicken wings.

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2009-05-17 15:23:53   I have had their Cheese Hot & Ready a few times. Frankly, they're a damn good value (mass to cost ratio considered here) considering you have to pay $6 or $7 for a frozen equivalent at the market (unless they're on sale). They are enough for two people or two meals for one. They are tasty enough, though certainly no where near as delicious as pie from Celestino's or Woodstock's. —RyanMikulovsky