A photo by RedTeflon

2391 Cohasset Rd
Next to Dutch Brothers
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(530) 899-1010
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Mad Dash is a new drive through restaurant off of Cohasset Road next to Dutch Brothers. They offer pre-made personal sized pizza as well as a wide compliment of wings. Their wings come in three levels of spicy, each level containing different flavor options (BBQ and Honey Mustard being some examples). Similar to Dutch Brothers, the drive through has two windows, one on each side of the building. Unlike the coffee shop however, you order at a menu sign (similar to most fast food drive throughs) and pick up your food at the window.


2009-12-20 12:13:52   Ate here on Friday. The pizza is decent, though a little too saucy for me. Their wings are very good and the second level is very spicy, though I am very curious to try the third level. I wasn't sure how smoothly a drive through pizza place would work when I saw it being built, though I loved the concept. I was not disappointed, though I will probably only get the wings from now on, as the pizza is as good as Little Cesars with less pizza. —JohnNash

2010-01-07 12:32:49   I ate here last weekend. Pizza is good but not great, but better than Little Cesars in my opinion. Shared some wings with my girl so we got mild but they felt more like I would expect a medium to taste. Quick cook time, nice to get the toppings I wanted instead of the inevitable compromise when sharing. $4.99 gets you a personal 1 topping pizza. —RedTeflon

2011-09-02 20:48:03   It is horrible food and Drive thru is pointless since they take forever anyways —