331 Main Street
by Duffy's and Chico Children's Museums
Wednesday to Saturday 8:00pm-3:00am
Closed Sunday and Monday
(530) 566-9337
Names of owners/proprietors here
Payment Method
Cash and Credit Cards accepted. Uber eats delivers starting 10/28/18.

Main Street Pizza is a restaurant on the Main Street Strip in downtown Chico that is open very late. In fact, they are not even open during the day, but instead open at night when the late night bar scene is at its peak. Chances are, if you only experience downtown during the day, you could have easily walked past this establishment and not even noticed it or assumed that it was no longer in business because the closed sign is perpetually up. You would be mistaken, as this updated pizza place is busy in the middle of the night.

The food at Main Street Pizza is fast, cheap, and greasy. They cater to a particular crowd, after all. With a belly full of booze, a nice greasy slice of pizza before going home to bed often sounds like the perfect remedy. The pizza is available by the slice, and can be eaten in the large wooden booths with years worth of names carved into them. With late night food options limited for the downtown crowd, this place sees a lot of business after last call.


2011-10-21 19:07:13   AWESOME pizza!!! Good, thick crust; unlink Celestino's NY style thin crusts. —