The Marketplace Cafe is a dining venue in the BMU on the Chico State campus.

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2008-11-21 14:10:46   I DO NOT feel that the Marketplace does any justice to students, faculty or staff. They are constantly rude, close early, aren't always very sanitary and provide absolutely no customer service. I wish that somebody would require all employees to attend at least one customer service workshop. Today they were announcing that they were closing at 3:00, I was there at 1:45 went to the Bookstore came back at 1:50 and they had put away the soups. I asked if they were putting everything away and the gal about bit my head off and said "they were closing at 2:00, in 2 minutes". Last time I checked there is an hour between 2:00 and 3:00!

I wish I could say that this was a first time occurrance, however it's not. I am aware of multiple people who have complained to the manager. The response for all was "here's some coupons, sorry we'll talk to our employees". Well, apparently the talking to the employees isn't working. I've decided from now on, I'll just walk downtown. It's the same price, if not cheaper and I can count on better customer service!

AS Dining, please get on the ball and do something about this! —

2012-03-01 16:48:04   Honestly, you do not know what you are talking about. I don't know who it was you spoke to, but there is a reason for all that. Soups stop selling in the afternoon, especially during the warmer days. Its bad if they are kept in those warmers for long periods of time (which happens if they are not eaten). Selling one or two servings of it is a waste of money when doing so causes the whole soup to go bad.

They close early because students do not eat there as much as they used to. Every hour they are open past 3 equates to a net loss of money. Again, not worth it to stay open for a few people when it means a loss of revenue.

Occasionally they close earlier during *very* slow days, generally Fridays near the end of semesters. Again, for the third time, this is because staying open to 3 results in a net loss of income. If they couldn't take these steps they would not exist. It would be shut down. Associated Students, while designed and there to provide for students, is a business. They generate all their own income (nothing is provided by the State or otherwise) and MUST organize themselves accordingly.

Sanitation is incredibly important for the restaurant. They have between half and a full dozen custodial staff members employed at any given time who work through the entire day from open to well past closing. They go through their cleaning supplies faster than any other AS service (minus Sutter, but they serve nearly triple the number Marketplace does daily). Stations are deeply cleaned every night. Where did you get the idea it is unsanitary? Some sort of spill? Trash? Anything of the unsanitary sort you noticed can and is, in incredible likelihood, attributed to the customers not the employees and the student employees in charge of sanitation and cleaning likely were either very busy, in the process of preparing to clean (getting the mop or broom, refilling sanitation bottles and buckets, retrieving new, clean rags or any number of actions of the sort). The Marketplace get's excellent, top marks every time health code officials inspect the restaurant. You're accusation of lack of sanitation is completely unfounded. I know that as a fact.

Lastly, I do not know who you happened to talk to, but I have never had a bad experience with customer service nor do I know anyone who has. If you were rude I could imagine someone not responding well, but I know for a fact that the Marketplace takes it's customer service very seriously. While I do work in Associated Students, I do not work at the Marketplace but I DO know how it is run and know a good number of employees and managers. There is a several hour meeting at the start of each semester and the main focus of it is customer service. I have personally heard stories from the managers on the subject of employee firings, and every single one (minus a situation where one of the student employees was stealing) had to do with bad customer service.

EDIT: Just realized, after typing all this out, that the preceding comment I replied to was from 2008... I began my career as an upper-echelon Associated Students manager in the Fall of 2008. I do not recall completely but the situation may have been very different back then. However, I do know now, by realizing the date of that post, that he/she wrote that comment up after a Friday visit (in '08 the Cafe was open until 7PM Mon. through Thurs. and closed at 3PM Fri.), which explains the early than advertised close and lack of options at that time. I'm sorry, but if you come late (an hour or less before closing) on a Fri., don't expect as many options as usual nor quite as fresh of options (not that the food will have gone bad, Fridays are just slow so food is not sold as quickly and, consequently, tends to be out a little longer). -