Martin Luther King Jr. Statue, dedicated February 19 2007

Park Location
1900 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
37 acres
• Playgrounds
• Baseball/softball fields
• Soccer fields
• Volleyball courts
• Tennis courts
• Barbecues and picnic tables
• Restrooms
Chico Kite Day

Martin Luther King Park (also known as "Community Park" and more informally among locals as simply "20th Street Park") is run by Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD). Many CARD sports are played here on the fields, such as soccer and softball. There are several tennis courts and they are open from 7 to 10pm daily. CARD also offers tennis lessons. There are at least two restrooms on the park and plenty of parking. It is adjacent to Chapman Elementary.

This is a very family friendly park, with things to do for kids of all ages. Although its location is a little out of the way for those in Central Chico, it is a great opportunity for those on the south end of town who do not want to trek all the way across town to Hooker Oak Park or other parts of Bidwell Park for baseball fields, picnic areas and other outdoor activities. There's a nice playground just south of the volleyball nets and nearby horseshoe pits (all of which are quite close to Chapman Elementary). And, of course, a park isn't a park in Chico without public art! Check out the Ancestor Gates near the playground!

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Soccer Mayhem at Martin Luther King Park. February 2009.