Meriam Library

Across from Bell Memorial Union
Main Library Hours (Semester)
Monday-Thursday 7:30am-11:45pm
Friday 7:30m-4:45pm
Saturday 12:00pm-4:45pm
Sunday 12:00pm-11:45pm
For specific library department hours, please see the online listing
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"Meriam Library","39.728066","-121.846302" , named after Ted Meriam, is the library on the Chico State campus. It is the building with the largest square area of any building in Northern California. Their primary function is to assist in fulfilling the mission of teaching and research. Therefore the resources contained therein are mainly for the use of faculty, staff and students of the university. They do have a small selection of fiction, but mainly they have non-fiction, references, journals, maps, and government documents.

Members of the community not connected to the university are allowed to use the collections within the library, and are able to apply for Nonaffiliated User (NAU) card for a fee. This entitles the user to check out materials, but does not give access to Interlibrary Loan, use of computer labs, email account, or remote access to restricted databases. For more information about the NAU card, please see their website.

Study Spots

Silent study area at Meriam Library (2nd floor). The second and third floors offer decent places to study. Some of the personal study desks also double as bubble-gum museums. Most desks have power strips available to plug-in laptops and other devices. If you have a Wildcat account, then WiFi is easily tapped into. The south-west end of the 2nd floor is reserved for group studying while most other areas are for individual silent study.

Computer / Internet Access

Computers, including computerized catalogs, are only accessible by those with a Wildcat account. Even though the library is free for the community to utilize, the lack of easily accessible catalogs can be frustrating. Students, of course, have no problems, but they are required to lock the machine out once they are done. The NAU card may provide access. Most machines on the second floor are marked explicitly for research only. Computers in the lab on the first floor and on the third floor can be used in more general ways. Internet is available on all machines, primarily due to a wealth of online research resources. These resources used to be freely accessible to the public without an NAU card.


  • First floor: Circulation and Reserve, main circulation, computer lab, media, limited loan.
  • Second floor: Reference Desk, legal documents, and bound periodicals. There are plenty of places to study, including a group study area. There are lockers available for a small fee near the silent study area.
  • Third floor: main collection, theses, and oversized books.
  • Fourth floor: you'll find an interesting selection of books for those teaching children. There are also a wonderful variety of topographic, and Public Land Survey System (PLSS) maps, and more. An overflow computer lab can be found here along with places to study.


Several services are housed in Meriam Library.


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