The Mountain Mike's Pizza on Walnut in Chico

Locations Phone
1722 Mangrove Avenue #28 (530)893-1923
in Mangrove Square
1105 West Fifth Street (530)899-9115
Corner of 5th and Walnut
Opens at 11am.
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Payment Method
Cash and charge

Mountain Mike's is a chain of pizza restaurants located in both California and Oregon. The original Chico location is located in Central Chico, with a second location in West Chico opening in the mid-2000s. Mountain Mike's offers the usual pizzeria fare (pizza, bread sticks, salad, etc.) and has daily lunch specials. Coupons are usually available at the franchise's website. The signature pizzas have mountain themed names (such as "The Everest" and "Mt. Veggiemore"). Close proximity to Craig Hall ensures that they are a popular place to eat among college students. Pizza by the slice is served until 3pm and there is an all-you-can-eat pizza special after 6pm on Wednesday (at least at the Walnut location).

The Mountain Mike's on Walnut has a large banquet room for large gatherings such as parties. So if you've ever wondered why the parking lot is packed but the front of the store is empty... check the back. Loud music is allowed at that banquet room.

Chico is not the only home to Mountain Mike's in the area. Nearby communities such as Paradise, Oroville, Gridley and Yuba City also have their own Mountain Mike's franchises.


2011-12-29 20:13:33   Really great, the place beats woodstocks, hands down! —

2012-01-25 16:38:29   All you can eat pizza is The best time to go. You can eat until you explode and pound some cold brew. —