1023 Neal Road
7am-4pm daily
(530) 345-4917
Toll Free Number
(866) 369-DUMP
Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility web page

The Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility is the County landfill located south of Chico operated by the Butte County Department of Public Works. It can be seen prominently off of Highway 99 to the east down Neal Road. They take all non-hazardous municipal solid waste for disposal as well as they will accept all electronics, appliances, scrap metal, cardboard, mattresses, concrete and greenwaste for recycling.  Customers are encouraged to separate their materials while loading so recycling will be faster and easier while at the facility. 

Fore a comple list of fees, the link is here:  Landfill fees

Because the landfill sits on top of the Tuscan Aquifer, various procedures are utilized in order to prevent contamination of groundwater. The landfill is lined with a double layer of compacted clay and geomembrane. The groundwater is tested regularly through a series of monitoring wells that line the perimeter of the landfill. They have a methane gas collection system in place which channels the gas to a 2.2 megawatt generator that is on site.  The electricity that is produced is enough to power approximately 1,400 households.

Additional recycling information can be accessed at: http://www.RecycleButte.net.