Mailing Address
P.O. Box 93, Chico, CA 95927
(530) 895-2109
Executive Director
Cynthia Gerrie

Mission Statement
Paws of Chico Spay and Neuter Program realizes that not everyone can afford the cost of spaying or neutering their pets, even at a low-cost clinic.
That's why we work with local vets to help low-income pet owners with the cost of these services.
Our mission is to reduce the cat and dog overpopulation in the greater Chico area.
Each sterilization we fund drastically decreases the number cat of strays and ferals in our community.
In the last five years, we have "fixed" 2,800 dogs and cats in the Chico area.
We educate our community on the importance and benefits of spaying and neutering.
Paws of Chico strongly believes significant results can be achieved through public awareness
and the increase of companion pet spays and neuters in our community.

Paws of Chico Spay and Neuter Program provides financial assistance with spaying and neutering dogs and cats in Chico, CA.