243 W. 2nd St. #4 , Downstairs from Bidwell Cigar
Etta Chiapella Square
Lunch, Dinner and maybe in between
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Cash and Credit Cards

In this cozy restaurant of Peeking Chinese Restaurant, patrons have a great number of "San Francisco Style" dishes to choose from in downtown Chico. Ordered cuisine can either have pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables or even faux "meat" — as chicken or beef. In fact, they have a dedicated menu for vegetarians and vegans (but be sure to ask for no oyster or fish sauce). They serve Oolong tea at dinner for free, and rice may be ordered as a side (just 50 cents). In addition, Peeking Restaurant has a good selection of alcohol, to include Sake.

Peeking Chinese Restaurant offers very affordable lunches that range from $4.75 to $6 and includes white rice (and something else that I cannot remember). Furthermore, patrons can order take-out.

The interior of the restaurant has a nice warm and open feel to it because of its brick walls, wood plank ceiling, and sensible decor. Indeed, several paintings of Chinese character add to the restaurant's coziness.


2009-01-09 14:58:18   Peeking is awesome! I am going there for lunch right now! —

2009-06-20 10:22:49   good soup and food and very affordable. recommended for college students! —

2009-07-05 02:50:35   yum yum yum, and very friendly staff! —

2009-08-10 20:03:06   my fav!!!! —

2011-04-19 09:02:48   Love the specials! more than enough food for one. —