The Phoenix Building. (MLSC) Modern Day Phoenix Building (July 2008) The mural of the Phoenix on the 3rd Street side of the building

300 Broadway Street
Varies by store

The Phoenix Building is a building downtown at Third and Broadway. It was built by Jerry Noonan in 1889 using bricks from Jefferson Walker's brickyard. It was gutted by a fire in 1975, and was since resurrected —hence the name "Phoenix." It is a shopping destination located on the corner of Broadway and 3rd Street in downtown. It houses many shops and restaurants. Four locally owned eateries call this building home: Sultan's Bistro, Jon & Bons Yogurt Shoppe, the Hideaway Cafe and Broadway Heights (located upstairs). Additionally, there is a gift shop, a realtor's office, and a salon. There is a mural of a phoenix painted on the bricks of the 3rd Street side of the building.


2011-02-04 23:19:17   Was it once called toad hall —  Yes it was called Toad Hall in the late 60's until it burned in 1975.  


2012-03-14 23:39:17   I remember that floor! There was a vegetarian pizza place up there at the time I used to live there in the 90s that was the boring pizza. (at least boring to me!) I am not sure if that pizza place is still there or not. Also on the first floor was a shop with teddy bears and as you go up the stairs you could peak down into the store thru the top part of a window. At least I did back when I was little.

I wonder what that teddy bear shop is now............ —  The pizza place was "That a Pizza" and it wasn't just  vegetarian.  They even had crab shrimp and scallop pizza with many gourmet toppings and corn or fennel crust.  The Teddy Bear Junction shop moved and it became a   shirt shop.  When it  left it became  The Phoenix Bldg. Gift Shop for the last 17 years.  10/4/2015.


2012-03-14 23:40:32   I assume it was the gift shop that had the teddy bears. I also got ice cream at that building in the summertime when my parents took me walking around downtown which was exciting! :) Especially when it got over 100 degrees in the summer! —  After the fire Swenson's Ice Cream was there and when they left Jon and Bon's Yogurt and Ice Cream took over the space.10/4/15