1475 East Avenue
Every Wednesday school starts at 8:45am-2:43pm
(530) 891-3050

John Shepard 


Pleasant Valley High (usually simply called "P.V." by locals) is one of Chico's three high schools. It is one of two conventional high schools, in addition to Chico's one continuation school. The school mascot is the Vikings, and their rivals in the annual tradition of the Almond Bowl football game are the Chico High School Panthers.

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2008-10-08 23:32:19   I went here for four years, and I think I got a pretty good education, but PV is definitely stuck up about itself. Sometimes I wonder if all the stress and work was all it is hyped up to be; people from Chico High who took less strenuous classes got into just as good of schools. The IB program is a joke. Don't do it! It is subpar compared to real IB programs, and a bit of a money scam, considering that AP tests will give you the same credit, and for cheaper. Additionally, AP tests have many guides available for them, where as IB is much more grey, and you rely upon your teachers to prepare you for the tests, and often they wait until only a few weeks before IB exams to hand out the required extra materials. —fountain-hopper

2009-03-29 19:28:24   chico's the best! almond bowl 09 —