Bridges to Bridges

Chico was ranked as the #10 art town in America by author John Villani in 2004. And there's little wonder! The City of Chico supports artistic endeavors of the community and often integrates them into public spaces for all to enjoy. The city maintains a Public Art Portfolio. Please help catalog all of Chico's public art by taking pictures, uploading them, and writing about the depicted art. Someone may want to embark on a Public Art Bike Tour project. See also Art Galleries, Chico State Campus Art, and Butte College Campus Art

Become a Hero and make a cool guide, perhaps with a map, incorporating all or most of art below! One way to do it: efficiently order the art below in a progressive, geographical way, within the same categories but in parallel. Ah, yes, a geographer's dream project.


Chico has many murals throughout town.


Luminary Art Benches

The Luminary Art Benches are a Public Art project of the Arts Commission. The aim of the project is to create tributes to world-renowned persons who either are former Chicoans who went on to become famous or who contributed to Chico's history in some way. Also see Benches for those benches that are probably more pragmatic than these.


Along with 10 benches, there are also 6 Pedestal Art Seats located throughout downtown. Chico is the theme of the pedestals.

Unidentified Artwork (Please Help!)

Please help identify the following artwork.