recycle symbol, also called the Mobius loop. This image is free clipart from Recycling: reusing the material from one object to make a new one. Such as melting down an aluminum can and producing a new one.  An important and aspect of recycling is the concept of Product Stewardship, or Extended Producer Responsibility.  This concept places end-of-life responsibility of a product on the manufacturer of that product.  By doing this, the manufacturer is motivated to design their product in a way that is more conducive to reuse or recycling.  Too often, products are sold, profits are made and the cost to handle that products disposal falls onto local governments (taxpayers).

Recycling contributes to the sustainability of a community.

There are several locations to take your recycling in Chico and the surrounding areas.

Recycling and Disposal of Electronics

Electronics are some of the most toxic of discarded items. Please dispose of your electronics properly.

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How do you recycle?

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